Shaping The Future Of Footwear Retail

Harness the power of customer engagement using machine learning to unlock the revenue opportunities by creating digital feet measurements and eliminating fitting errors.

Seamless Shopping Experience

Our AI/ML technology creates a virtual shopping inventory based on personalised fit recommendation to facilitate a steady omnichannel relationship with customers.

Create 3D model of feet with 1 mm accuracy in just three seconds.

Compare 3D scan with inner dimension of footwear, matching individual preference.

Personalised Fit Algorithm creates virtual display of the best fit shoes.

Pave way for an engaging omnichannel shopping experience.

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3D Scanning Teknology

Volskano 3D offers an exceptionally interactive in-store 3D feet scanning technology to enable retailers find the perfect fitting shoes for customers. Volskano 3D captures the volumetric data of a customer’s feet in just three seconds, offering the highest degree of personalisation by matching their unique feet requirement with the inventory in physical and virtual space.


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